I want to adopt!

Long distance adoption for one dog costs 77RON per month
(approximately €17 or $18.50 or £14.30)

Payment options:

  • entire sum of 77RON
  • increments of 11RON

Thus a dog can be adopted by:

  • one person paying the entire sum of 77RON or
  • 7 people paying each 11RON

Combinations of payees of 11RON increments are accepted. E.g. one person pays 33RON (3 increments) and another person pays the rest of 44RON (4 increments). All combinations are accepted.

77RON covers the following:

  • food for one dog for one month
  • vaccination
  • spay/neuter
  • medication if needed
  • shelter

The adopter will receive:

  • adoption contract and statement
  • adoption certificate with the dog's name and picture (the certificate will be sent after the first payment is received)
  • the adopter will be granted the right to visit the shelter unannounced (provided that the visit will be during business hours)
The long distance adoption contract will be signed by us (Centrul Teritorial Veterinar Sector 2) and you. You will be asked to provide a copy of your ID card. The contract stipulates the rights and obligations of the adopter. After both parties sign the long distance adoption contract, the adopter has to validate the contract by making the first payment before the 25th of the month. Subsequent payments have to be made before the 25 of each month to cover the adoption costs for the following month.

Adoption steps:

1.Pick a dog from 10 lei pentru catei II Facebook group.

2.Fill out the adoption request and we will email you the adoption contract.

3.Sign the contract and email it back to us.

4.Make the first payment via bank transfer. The due date is 25 of each month and it will cover the following month. For instance the payment made before April 25th will cover the month of May. Bank information:
RON payment:
RO17TREZ70221360250XXXXX open at Sector 2 Trezorery, beneficiary Directia Venituri Buget Local Sector 2, fiscal code 13811802
any Postal Office C.N. Posta Romana S.A. in Bucharest, beneficiary Directia Venituri Buget Local Sector 2, fiscal code 13811802, debit code 227.
Foreign currency payment:
COD SWIFT: BRDEROBU, COD IBAN RO72BRDE426V61371344260, Includes the contract number (we will email it to you after we receive the signed contract from you)

5. After we receive the payment, we will send you the adoption certificate via email.

6. Come back to this webiste or on our Facebook group to receive news about the dog you adopted.