Adopt And Save 2019

You are invited


Adopt and Save!

Saturday, 5 October 2019
At 10:30AM – Butimanu Shelter

The most precious gift for a dog is people’s care and attention!

The furry friends from Butimanu shelter are inviting you to spent a day in their company. They hope you will adopt as many of them as possible. They are lovely dogs looking for loving and responsible families or at least a long distance adopter. Adopt a dog and save a life!

Please take time out of your busy schedule to spend a whole Saturday with the dogs from Butimanu shelter. A kind word, a cuddle, and a treat are one of the best gifts a dog can get from humans.


Event Schedule

10:30AM Departure from District 2 City Hall to Butimanu Shelter
11AM – 12:30PM Socializing and play time with Butimanu’s shelter dogs
12:30PM – 1:00PM Adoption fair for the dogs left without a sponsor
1:00PM – 1:30PM Free conversation regarding potential ways to help the dogs from Butimanu shelter, improve the long distance adoption process as well as the permanent adoption rate.
2:00PM Closing
For those who prefer to drive, here are the directions to get to the event: Bucharest ➤ Mogosoaia ➤ Buftea ➤ Crevedia ➤ Butimanu. After you enter Butimanu drive all the way to Maresal Constantin Pezan statue and make a left there. Continue driving for another 3-4 kilometers until you get to a field. There you will see a couple of dog shelters. Our shelter is the last one, right after Colt Alb shelter. Google Directions
Departure at 10:30AM on
5 October 2019 from
District 2 City Hall
Primariei Sector 2 Bucuresti
11-13 Chiristigiilor Street
Bucharest (nearby Obor Market)
Harta Primaria Sector 2

Thank you for participating!

For those who never participated in our events, here are a few videos from past events.

Interview with some of our long distance adopters. Filmed by Daniel Tomescu.

Why are people preferred to spend a day with our dogs. Filmed by Daniel Tomescu.

Romanian young people love dogs and they want to help. Filmed by Daniel Tomescu.

The dogs from Butimanu shelter. Filmed by Daniel Tomescu.

Throwback to 2015 event at Butimanu shelter. Dogs were filmed by the talented Daniel Tomescu.