About us

Regional Veterinary Center District 2 Bucharest operates under
Local Council Decision 119 from October 16th, 2013.

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated yearly (or as needed), microchipped and registered with RECS (Romanian Pet Electronic Register).

All the dogs from Tanganu and Butimanu shelters receive cooked food alternated with dry food (kibble). Dogs with special diets receive meals cooked separately and following the directions from our veterinary doctors.

We have to veterinary doctors on staff working full time and each is in charge of one shelter. Their job description includes: making sure all dogs are in good health, vaccinate, spay, neuter, and administer veterinary treatment if needed.

Our shelters are located outside Bucharest and work thanks to the generosity of our long-distance adopters.


  • 280 dogs out of which approximately 90% are adopted by long distance adopters
  • 120 de kennels
  • Veterinary office where dogs receive outpatient treatment and vaccines
  • Quarantine room
  • Nursery room


  • 420 dogs out of which over 93% are long distance adopted
  • 160 kennels
  • Veterinary office equipped to perform spay/neuter surgeries and administer veterinary treatment
  • Quarantine room
  • Nursery room